The Affordable All in One Business Solution
for Effectively Managing Your Business

TEXOPRO brings all of the employee and business management functions into one system, so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the important ones: building and scaling your products and services. TEXOPRO scales with your business for an affordable, hassle-free solution.

Save time with TEXOPRO

As a business owner time is money, and you need the operational tools for your business that is going to save you time yet scale up your business in performance, productivity and profitability. This is what you can expect when you start using TEXOPRO!

You will get the tools to manage every aspect of your human resources…

  • Employee profiles and contracts
  • Payroll and salary management, distribution and reporting
  • Leave and holiday scheduling
  • Performance and engagement reviews and reporting
  • Effective rostering

What you get with TEXOPRO is a complete easy-to-use software package that lets you run and control the administration of your business.


Run your business right with TEXOPRO

As a business owner you already know how critically important it is to keep your employees engaged and happy. TEXOPRO gives you the tools to stay on top of the details and empower employees to manage their career.

  • TEXOPRO software creates a much better working environment because it allows you to be organized and professional
  • Gives the opportunity to use the leading human resource technology
  • Save money by only using the TEXOPRO modules that you need
  • Empower employees to login on anytime to view their personal details, rosters, leave and holiday schedule, and performance reviews
  • TEXOPRO enhances employer/employee relationships
  • It reduces potential administrative losses and human errors

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Put TEXOPRO to Work for You

Sign up now for your subscription to TEXOPRO so you can immediately start taking advantage of all that it has to offer at affordable price that will save you time and money while scaling up your business…

Our subscription services allows you access our most up to date software, gives you the opportunity to only use what you need, and ready access to support as needed

Meet The Team

If you are going to put this very important segment of your business into a product to assist you then you need to know that it is credible, reliable and trustworthy. You can only be assured of this by knowing the background of its founders.

Daniel Fothergill is the co-founder of TEXOPRO and has firsthand knowledge of what makes a business a success when it comes to the HR strengths and weaknesses. Daniel’s credentials are comprised of his being a Certified Practicing Accountant, Registered Tax Agent as well as a well known Financial Advisor.

Daniel has been involved in the business world for over fifteen years and has the great pleasure of serving many business clients. This has allowed him to identify the red tape that was hindering many small to medium business owners. For this reason Daniel decided it was time to do something about it, and did so by teaming up with Ravi Weerasooriya.

As a co-founder of TEXOPRO, Ravi brought to the table his expertise in IT as a software guru. He has two very successful IT companies with one being located in Australia and the other in Sri Lanka. Combined, these businesses employ in excess of 50 of the best software engineers and developers. Ravi serves clients worldwide. He and his team of exceptional IT technicians specialize in providing software solutions to small to medium sized businesses.

With the combination of Daniel’s and Ravi’s experience, skills and expertise TEXOPRO was born.

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